The African Bush and wilderness requires special set of equipment and skills for the true African experience. The drivers, guides, translators and vehicles are all specialized to offer that experience.

Bundi Safaris offers several transportation options to enhance this experience.

4×4 Game viewers


Courtesy Kempiski Olare Mara
Courtesy Kempiski Olare Mara

Ideal for game viewing, photography and cinematography. These trucks are driven by licensed tour guides and accompanied where necessary with a translator. The open windows bring you close to nature, the guides help to identify the animals and offer lessons on the animal behavior. The guides also listen in on the comms radio for hunting, migration chatter.

4×4 Vans

Transport Van
Transport Van

These vans accommodate 6 persons at a time. Their pop-up roof offers a vantage point for game viewers and photographers. They also offer some extra comfort for long drives between parks.

Self Drive

For tourists interested in adding the driving experience in the tour package, a self drive option is provided. The tourist is encouraged to use their own cars or hire 4×4 vehicles for their own use. This option is particularly popular with campers aiming to do a circuit across vast parks and regions.

Self-drive Options
Self-drive Options


The Cars must be fitted with;

  • 4×4 capability
  • Have a good ground clearance
  • A winch
  • Heavy duty jack
  • At least 2 spare tires
  • Communication radio
  • Shovel
  • Navigation equipment





Light Air crafts

For tourist bound by time or worn by long distance road travel, light air crafts offer the best option. With as little as 50 mins hops to every park within East Africa, these light crafts will offer a fast option to and from the parks. A splendid view of the ranges, escapements, gorges and mountains is a welcome addition to the Safari experience.

Choices; Safarilink, Fly Sax, Airkenya

Light Craft
Light Craft