This safari endeavors to offer the diversity of Namibia as whole, ranging from the popular Arid pans, desert coastlines, culture and architecture. Visit Etosha NP , with its wildlife (Lions, White rhino, buffalos, Ostrich, Zebra, Gazelles) and see their adaptation to the Arid/desert environment. Visit Dramaraland for it’s variety of wildlife, spectacular land scapes and caves & Ravines. The caves with their wall/rock painting tell a history of humanity. Fly over the skeleton coast for mix of coast and desert best viewed from a light aircraft. For it’s large red dunes, Sossusvlei offer a desert scene in the Namib conservancy. See the Tsauchab River canyon which never reaches the Ocean.

DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 2 hours before the flight.
Airfare Accommodations
Local transportation Professional guide
Entrance fees
Guide gratuity



Day 1

Arrive at Windhoek

Day 2-3: Etosha NP

Take a flight to cut the trip time to the park. Etosha park supports a diverse ecosystem during the summer turning the otherwise dry white Etosha pan to a green lush oasis. Birding is a popular activity this time of year. The sudden burst of wildlife offer a splendid opportunity to view the elephants other small game and the famous desert lions hunting by the watering holes. The scenery offers varying landscapes for photography enthusiasts; seasoned and straters alike.

Day 4-6: Dramaraland

Kaokoland and Twyfelfontein; This protectorate forms part of the expansive Namib Desert. In Twyfelfontein, take on an experienced tour guide to the wall paintings and engravings that dot the dried up gorges; over 2000 exist. The landscape makes for fantastic scenic photography. Track the black rhinos and elephants through the bush in Kaokoland. Try hiking and star gazing owing to the cloudless nights. Have a fill of the Namib’s people with a visit to villages and experience their lives first hand.

Day 7-8: Skeleton Coast

Here desert meets the ocean, offering one of the most spectacular sceneries. Take a 4×4 drive in the desert sand or a hike into the River Kunene gorge. Fly over the expansive desert and coast and appreciate the Desert features from the sky. View the numerous bones that line up the coast, the over 300 strong seal colony and the ship graveyard that bore the coastline it’s name.

Day 9-10: Sossusvlei

The Namib-Naukluft National park is home the largest of Namib Desert sand dunes offering some of the most scenic landscapes in all of Namibia. Ballooning is a popular activity, watch a magical sunrise over the dunes, 4×4 sand drives, photography and quad bike riding.

Day 11

Flight from Aus to Windhoek, proceed to Exit
Sossuvlei Dunes
Sossulvei Trek
Hot Air Balloon