All road Short Safari

Enjoy a short safari in to the world renown Eastern Rift Valley, starting
per person

Chobe Discovery Safari

Uncover the treasures of Botswana and Zambia by taking this all inclusive Safari.
per person
Samburu Woman- Kenya

Classic Kenya Safari 9 days

This tour takes you on a magical experience to the Kenyan highlands, Aberdare Ranges.
per person

Elsa’s Kopje Fly-in Safari

Meru National Park The park has a wide range of wild animals including
per person

Gorilla Tracking Safari Rwanda

This special safari offers a perfect option for hiking, tracking and conservation enthusiasts,
per person

Gorilla Tracking Uganda Fly-in Safari

The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is in south-western Uganda. Species diversity is a
per person

Kenya and Tanzania 9 days Safari

For a true camping experience, indulge in this tour to see and experience
per person

Kilima Camp Fly-in Package

Kilima Camp Masai Mara "Kilima Camp offers unrivaled aerial views across the Masai
per person
Lake Turkana sunrise

Lake Turkana , Central Island & Sibiloi

Emerging starkly from the blue-green waters of the largest permanent desert lake in
per person

Mara Explorer Fly-in Package

Mara Explorer "This luxurious tented camp lies at the confluence of the Masai
per person